Jesus grew in wisdom and maturity. He gained favor from God and people. -Luke 2:52

What To Expect From Finding Favor Events



Finding Favor events are hands-on, experiential, play-in-the-sandbox, learning laboratories. This is not your typical women's conference. Expect something different, experience something new!

Our events are intimate and foster opportunities to connect meaningfully. 

There will be laughter, tears, and overcoming fears. We'll eat together, play together, and have a rich adventure through out-of-the-box learning: a hallmark of our events. 

If you would like to learn more about hosting a Favor event in your home town, send us an email!



At our events, teaching is used to create conversation. Learn how to ask yourself real tough, challenging questions. Find out how to ask God hard, unanswerable questions, and discover what questions He wants you to ask of Him!

We have no desire to make you a better person. Our goal is to facilitate transformation so you can become an entirely new creation! 



Absolutely nothing compares to being able to boldly approach the throne and experience the crazy affection your Father has for you.

Through times of intimate worship, we'll linger in the presence of God, listen for His voice, and allow His Spirit to move freely.

We worship in an atmosphere as safe, warm, and inviting as the family living room. God has invited you to His table. He is overjoyed at the prospect of your company. Connect richly with God while surrounded by others who are reaching for heaven with you. In His presence, we are made new.

ALLOW yourself to experience something new.

ASK questions you didn't even know you wanted the answers to. 

APPROACH the King's Chair and be totally transformed into a new creature by love.